Consistent. Stable. Built for scale.

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Why make Caliper SC your soluble cannabinoid input of choice? Because we deliver the best basket of benefits to consumers and manufacturers alike.


A platform for SCALE

As a forward-thinking manufacturer, you're not looking for a transactional purchase, you're looking for a partner who can meet your needs today, tomorrow, and next year. Thanks to our close relationship with our sister company, Stillwater Brands, we've overcome scaling challenges no other cannabinoid company has faced. We understand what makes for a good input, a reliable supply chain, and a consistent end-product. We are here to offer you our hard-earned wisdom and pave your path to scale.

Caliper CBD isn't some interesting lab-scale technology. It's a fully standardized ingredient systematically designed from the ground-up to be produced at scale with no degradation in quality standards. We can supply companies of nearly any size with product of unmatched quality at reasonable cost.

We aren't trying to be the lowest price supplier. Instead, we want to be the lowest cost supplier. Fewer headaches, less chasing, more support, less variance, more productivity — those are the areas where we shine our light.



A platform for TRUST

When launching innovative products, no paid marketing can match the power of a true customer evangelist. But lasting brand equity can only be purchased with trust, and trust comes only from living up to your word.

Caliper CBD is designed to deliver certainty and comfort to consumers in a cannabinoid market awash in junk science and hyperbole. With Caliper SC, your customers will receive the product experience they expect, every time. And as you well know: what's good for your customers is good for your brand.