We've been there and done that.

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We believe that an expert is someone who's made all the mistakes and knows how to avoid them. You've invested too much in your brand to take unnecessary risks. We've overcome scaling challenges no other cannabinoid manufacturer has faced, leaving us with unique insight into the needs of product manufacturers of all sizes and the most efficient methods for meeting those needs. As a result, we've assembled a team and tool kit no other company can match.

Food science

It all starts with food. Being a cannabinoid expert is one thing, being a food expert is very different. At Caliper Commercial Ingredients, we fuse these two areas of knowledge into a unified whole. Our food science team has over 30 years experience leading food innovation teams at some of the world's largest food manufacturers. Our team has developed nationally distributed functional products from scratch, optimized formulations for some of the world's largest power brands, and delved deep into new areas of innovative opportunity. If you can name a food form, it's likely we haven't just worked on it, we've probably scaled it as well.


Our scientists are pioneers in developing and deploying methods for working with cannabinoids and rendering them into soluble food-ready forms. From sourcing to testing to processing, we've built robust tools and processes designed to identify and manage critical control points, and we've created a supply chain that's built to manage the idiosyncrasies of natural substances. Across the board, we've pioneered methods for ensuring quality and stability that lead the industry.


Making something in a lab is easy. Producing that thing in the real world is a different challenge entirely. Our team knows what it means to take a product from concept to national distribution, and we've built our formulations with these challenges in mind. All of our products have been designed and refined for efficient manufacturing. Our operations team has over 35 years of experience running national-scale production lines for some of the nation's largest food and beverage brands. We know it's not about what you can do in a lab, it's about what you can do at scale.


Your problems cover more than development and manufacturing. As a brand, you care about customer perception and innovation. As a company, you care about communication and reliability. Our expertise doesn't stop at manufacturing: we've performed award-winning consumer and branding research for major companies such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Campbell Soup, Brown-Forman, and others. We understand the value of professionalism, communication, reliability, and putting the customer first.


We value speed almost as much as we value quality. Cannabinoids are a fast-evolving field. As a brand serving new markets, you need to move fast and you need suppliers who can match your pace. Our leadership is well versed in the startup ethos and has instilled in our company the need to move fast without breaking a thing. We're constantly improving, and we love working with companies who share that mentality.