It's a process, not a destination.

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We believe that quality is consistency. It's impossible to build an efficient supply chain without inputs that arrive on time and within spec. That's why we place the highest value on producing, delivering, and supporting products that you can build a supply chain around.

Our commitment to quality spans the value chain:


A good sale for us is a good buy for you. That's why we start with a deep dive into your needs. The better we understand what you're trying to accomplish, the better we can match your needs to the right product in our portfolio. And, in the unlikely event we can't meet your needs, we'll either develop something that works or introduce you to someone who can help. We want you to succeed, even if it means losing your business to a competitor.


We only use US-grown industrial hemp and cannabis from operations that we've personally vetted. While other vendors look overseas or to brokers for cheaper inputs, we keep our eyes local so we can verify the chain of custody for everything we sell. Your customers care what's in your products, you care what's in your products, and we care what's in our products. It's a supply chain you can trust.


As the saying goes: trust, but verify. We only test with lab partners who meet our standards for process, consistency, and communication. Every gram of material that enters our facility is subjected to a full panel of testing that covers potency and microbial content, along with residual solvents and pesticides. We even screen for off flavors and coloring issues -- and that's just for our inputs. Every product that leaves our facility is subject to the same battery of tests we apply on the way in. Our standards are the highest in the market, and our end-products reflect it. 

Process control

Your customers deserve and expect to have the same experience with your product every time they consume it. Consistent output is a function of consistent process, and consistent process requires extreme focus and attention to detail. Our team has developed and scaled manufacturing processes that deliver consistently reliable outputs day in and day out. We've sought out and quashed sources of variance throughout our value chain in the belief that a consistent process is a quality process is a scalable process.


A day late doesn't cut it when you're working on a co-manufacturer's timeline. We know how hard you worked to get that production slot, and we'll make sure you have the product you need to make use of it. We'll work with you from the beginning to build a reasonable timeline for delivery, and then we'll stick to that timeline come hell or high water. We don't make promises we can't keep because we keep every promise we make.

Follow up

Delivering on-time is only half the battle. The other half is making sure that our product integrates into your production process without a hitch. We will always be there to offer support to you and your production partners throughout the process, ensuring that your finished goods meet the standards you set for them.